Racing in Hialeah

Autocross/Auto X at Hialeah Park

Doing Auto Cross is the first serious step to honing in your skills at racing. If you truly like car racing, not just dangerous and also reckless as well as stupid light to light illegal street racing then Auto Cross is for you. These are events where its just you through a course laid out by cones, where you pit your skills against the clock.

Auto X will test both your car and yourself in every aspect. It is a great source of fun and enjoyment while giving the highest level of safety for your car and yourself. All though watch out for the cones, they can do some wicked damage.

A Subaru STI Runs the course followed by a Toyota MR2 Spyder

Mazda Miata and BMW Z4 at AutoX Miami Hialeah Park

Racing View from the back of the Z4

One comment on “Racing in Hialeah
  1. That looks awsome, damn nice vids, looks like it was hot but still a lot of fun. Where do I go to sign up for the next event

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