Race all day at Homestead Speedway for 45

Autocross December 18, 2011

This December 18, 2011, get ready to be at Homestead Miami Speedway

Ready to Burn Rubber?

Do you love speed, but hate the FUZZ?

If you have an unquestionable need for speed then Equipe Rapide’s Autocross Event is the place for you. It does not matter what you bring, from Ferrari’s, Lambos, Porsches to you daily Honda Civic. The only thing you need to do is how to push the pedal to the metal and take those corners as fast as possible without braking. That’s the key to getting the fastest time in a hot lap. Do NOT BRAKE.
Porsche at Homestead Miami Speedway
Hit the link below to register. The event like always is held at the Homestead Speedway Kart Track. The price is just a cool 45 dollars and you get to run all day long. With today’s economy it does not get any cheaper than that. And unlike racing from light to light this is where real performance and skill are truly tested.
If you want to find out how good of a Miami racer you are then come on out to the Miami Homestead speedway, bring your car and push its maximum ability, as well as pushing your own skill to the limit.

Also if you win you get a cool trophy for bragging rights. I recommend bring a GoPro cam or any good cam with a mount so you can capture your medal winning Lap. Good luck and see you at the Homestead Miami Speedway.

Register HERE


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