Perfect Car Racing Shoes

Bought the perfect racing shoes at Traffic Shoes

Bought the perfect racing shoes at Traffic Shoes

Had the opportunity to participate in a resent time attack event, this weekend here in Miami. The BMW z4 was set and ran perfectly, best time was a 97.43 for the entire course that was my third Hot lap. The turn out was amazing as always, got to love Miami for all the gear heads and speed fans that live here.The Evo in the epic above totally destroyed the course and its tires in the process I think its best time was 95 or 94. He ran the car hard through every single corner in the end the tires were down to the wire.

What I also found out was that these pair of shoes are freaking amazing for doing quick pedal foot work, specially for the course we ran which had a lot of tight technical turns. The shoes felt great I was able to switch between clutch and accelerator in an instant without getting my shoes caught in the pedals. Which has happened to me many times when I wear my cheap nikes.



So I felt after the event I had to give a shout out to these Men’s Casual Oxford Flats from, Traffic Shoes. I know a bit of a pun a store called Traffic Shoes sells amazing shoes for driving. Here is the shoe I bought. Check them out I highly recommend them, specially if your into Motorsports or drifting and want something that looks cool and is actually functional.

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