New Tires

Just a quick update got me a pair of new shoes for the baby. They are Ironman iMove Tires china tires but so far they have proven themselves great for being the Ultra cheapest tires I can find in the size of 225/45/17.


Nuñes Tires in Flagler. Cheap Good Tires.

For a discount mention that you read about it here at car street racing and that Marcel sent you.

Great Discount Tires in Miami. Cheap Prices

Remember you get a discount only if you mention the website and my name

Nuñes Tires
7401 West Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33144
Telephone: 305-261-3840

7 comments on “New Tires
  1. Muchas gracias por este annuncio fui y compre 4 gomaz me salieron en solo 210 con en descuento de tu esta pagina. Gracias 🙂

  2. I went to this place and they gave me the discount 4 new 235/45/15 for only 256 thanks for the offer man. You saved me specially now for the holidays that money is so tight

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