Miami Street Rides

Miami Car Show: Street Rides 2010 Auto Show

November 5th to November 14th 2010 at Miami Beach Convention Center.

Hundreds of Cars, Thousands of People. Today’s Extreme Autofest is more than just an automotive enthusiast event, it’s a LIFESTYLE event. All coming down on the Hottest SPOT in the World, MIAMI, FLorida. Thats right….


is not even big enought to hold this awesome of an event. From Super Models that will make you eyes pop to the Hottest in Imports and Domestic Cars, from StreetRacingDriftingDrag-Racing or all Custom Work. There is something for everyone.

Thanks to Extreme Autofest who continues to bring today’s best cars, music, fashion, and electronics. Hundreds of custom Cars, Trucks, S.U.V’s, and StreetBikes compete for cash and prizes.

Did I mention Cash Prizes as in REAL CASH, lets be honest, with todays economy, specially right here in South Florida, who seems to be the leader in not only the hottest woman but also the WORST Unemployment record ever, you have to be plain brain dead not to register your car for the event.

Go Now to EXTREME AUTOFEST send them your contact with pictures of your ride, and what class your car falls into, and sign up. I know I am putting the baby into the contest even though its a bone stock BMW Z4

Here is the Breakdown of the Classes.

Best Overall (1st Place) Domestic Classes (1st – 3rd Place)
Best of Show Best GM
Best Car Club Quality Best Ford
Best Overall Tuner Best Dodge
Best Overall European Best Other Domestic
Best Overall Luxury Best Mustang Street
Best Overall Truck Best Mustang Wild
Best Overall SUV Best Full Size Car Street
Best Full Size Car Wild
Specialty Awards (1st Place) Best Old School
Best Interior Luxury Class Street
Best Undercarriage Luxury Class Wild
Best Body Work
Best Paint Truck / SUV’s (1st – 3rd Place)
Best Display SUV Street
Best ICE SUV Mild
Best Motorcycle SUV Wild
Full Size Truck Street
Imports / European (1st-3rd Place) Full Size Truck Mild
Best Acura Full Size Truck Wild
Best Honda Mini Truck / Mini SUV Street
Best Nissan Mini Truck / Mini SUV Mild
Best Mitsubishi Mini Truck / Mini SUV Wild
Best Mazda
Best Toyota
Best Scion
Best Subaru
Best Hyundai
Best Infiniti
Best Lexus
Best VW
Best BMW
Best Mercedes Benz
Best Audi
Best VIP
Best JDM
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