Miami Street Rides 2010

The Gorgeous Golden Dazzlers

Amazing Miami Auto Show

What an amazing show, this has been, there should be way more car shows like these in Miami. The economy is in the shit hole but it still nice to see people that put real effort into customizing their rides. I just wish I had the wallet and the deep pockets to get into this myself with my BMW Z4, but I just don’t have it, YET! At least I go to meet gorgeous woman look at hot cars and lie to sales agents about wanting to get that new Porsche 911 ūüôā

Anyway the cover girls here are FIU dancers, Jackie Martines and Adrianna Smith of the Golden Dazzlers 2010 2011 dancing group to Lason a fresh new artist thats just exploding upon the Miami music Scene with fresh lyrics and amazing talent. This years Miami Auto Show has surpassed last year by at least a 20 miles. The Miami Street Rides crew came together to put together what I think is the best and most proffesional Custom Car Show, I have yet seen here in South Florida, specially here in Miami.

FIU Golden Dazzlers

These two girls Show off incredible talent along with looks, and smarts. Both professional woman, they are truly an example of how wonderful and sexy all the woman in Miami are. Thats why Miami is number 1.

Adriana Smith¬†studies Marketing at FIU and as you can see has killer looks.¬†Jackie Martines¬†is a Bio Medical major, but with her dancing skills I say shes ready for a professional dancing career any time of day. They came to accompany as dancers for¬†LASON LS an up and coming fresh new artist Dominican by birth, resided in boston where he built his reputation as a solid artist and is now Exploding here in Miami’s rich music scene. But enough text enjoy the videos

Check Out their Perfomance here.

After their performance came this awesome Dance BATTLE, enjoy the videos of the Miami international auto show 2010 hosted an incredible BBoy battle at the Miami Street Rides section. Sponsored by

And of course came this amazing free style rap where he would rap about anything people showed him. Check it, Enjoy it, Save it.

And of course here is the pictures I took of the event. Amazing stuff after all, really love all the cars, I know, I know I said that a million times, but whatever they are all sick cars specially the Alpina BMW, freaking serious Money right there.

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