Miami Street Racing

Miami Underground Street Racing

Push your car to the edge.

Miami Florida, the home of countless stars, Beautiful Beaches, and Gorgeous Woman. Not only does this fair city have a rich and vibrant Latin/International culture, but an amazing UNDERGROUND Street Tuner Paradise. Its the only city that you can simply find a street race, starting in South Beach and can end all the way to Homestead Speedway.

While looking through old youtube videos I found this oldie but goodies. Shot before I got the HD camera so I apologize before hand but I wanted a moment  to share with you this 10 minute fill the represents what underground street racing is all about. The adrenalin rush, the sound of screaming engines, high rpm and no holds bar racing on street tires.

The edge of Fear for being caught by the Popo, the smell of burnt rubber, burn breaks and gas. All that adds to this. If you love street racing then this city is definitely for you.

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  1. That is so cool, where exactly was this video taken at.Im in Miami and I am also looking for spots to run my car full

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