Miami Night DRIFT


Hot F20C Swap AE86 Hachiroku

Hot F20C Swap AE86 Hachiroku

Finally once again I another County Line Skid Pad event. It had been a while since the last one. However like always this event did not fail to deliver on the excitement and intensity of DRIFTING. There is just something about burning rubber while listening to your engine scream off the rev limiter that simply rocks.

One thing I have come to realise¬†about DRIFTING is that, as a sport, at least for me personally, it is a lot more fun and interesting when your actively participating. To just sit there and watch it, I find it gets rather old and boring, also being in the middle of a march with the dinosauric mosquito’s and other bugs that inhabit County Line Drag-way, is not exactly the most amusing of situations.

Miami Night Drift Session

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