Miami International Auto Show 2010

Miami International Auto Show 2010

November 5th 2010 to November 13th 2010 in the Miami Beach Convention Center

This years auto show has started with a Bang. Which is a lot to say compared to last years auto show wish Royally SUCKED!. Last year there where few exciting cars and not a whole lot else. This year though I saw a lot more potential in the show, and even though today is Monday and the show has already 3 days in, everyone should go and check it out. I specially liked the Jeep of road course they have set up outside. Its like a mini amusement park ride.

Miami Beach Convention Center

Now on to the needy greedy there seems to be less and less rear wheel drive sports cars here in America, at leasy at the auto show in Miami Beach, but the ones present all have the highest of ratings.

Lexus LFA at Miami Beach Auto Show

Miami Street Rides

The Best Custom Car Show EVER

This takes the crop for being the most sickest and best looking low riders custom Honda’s, BMW, Cadillacs, Chevy, and everything else in between, oh even a sick sick Mercedes. Check out the Photos bellow. Remember the Real Show is on November 13th 2010 thats a Saturday so be there from 11am to 8pm its going to be sick.

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  1. Awsome Pictures man, i’m a huge car fan and you make my morning with your new articles, keep up the good work

  2. Love the freaking site man keep up the job, my only gripe is get more pics of hot miami bitches on here this blog need all those hot girls from miami.

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