King of County Line Drift Sessions

As Posted on the SFLDrifters Website we have a great opportunity to shred tires and compete on our loved sport of drifting right here in Miami Florida.
King of Countyline Rules and Guidelines

All drivers pay at the gate $50

Fee covers driver only.
Only one driver per car.
Drivers must arrive by the start of the event or they will not be allowed to drive. No burnouts, donuts or any other driver mis-conduct or they will be forced to leave the event. Drivers and any passengers must keep their hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.
NO shirts, NO shoes, NO pants….. NO SERVICE!! or drifting for you.
Must have OEM style battery tie downs with insulated terminal ( electrical tape)
If battery has been relocated, it must be in a battery box and secured.
Helmet must be snell/DOT SA2005 or newer.
No loose items in the car.
Radiators need to have brackets NOT ZIP TIED!!!!!
OEM seat belts or if 5 point harnesses are in place, they must comply with FD regulations.
Seats may be OEM or SFI approved. ( and the seat must be bolted at all four corners )
No cracked windshields.
All lugs must be in place.
No fluid leaks.
Convertibles must have roll bars.
Working windshield wipers.

After the first and second round, the top 32 drivers will be required to increase their safety equipment such as installing fire extinguishers within drivers reach.

First Round (August 12):
11am-2pm open practice.
2pm-3pm qualifying.
3pm-7pm open practice.

There will be two qualifying runs. The first one could be used as a drive-through but it will be scored regardless. In the end we will take the highest score from all of your qualifying runs and use that as your final score.

Second Round (October 28):
11am-2pm open practice.
2pm-3pm qualifying.
3pm-7pm open practice.

The same conditions from the first round will be applied in this round only this time your final score of the day will be added to your final score from the previous event. The sum of both scores will determine your place in the Top 32 competition for the final event.

Final Round (December 16):
11am-1pm top 32 open practice.
1pm-3pm top 32 eliminations.
3pm-4pm Bottom 16 will get an hour open practice.
4:30pm till end will be top 16 till we have our winners.

This will be a tandem-only event where the Top 32 drivers will battle it out for The King of Countyline title. Only the Top 32 will have the option to register and compete for this event.

All three events will be judged by the same individuals: Tim Murphy from Drift Sessions, The Legend Dr. Obi Juan Henao Drifter Extraordinaire, and Captain Ben. Drivers must pay attention to everything the judges are looking for as they will be specific with certain criteria. More information will be announced during the drivers meeting which is mandatory for drivers to attend.
The driver or their representative must present themselves with their argument to the judges before the next driver or pair goes out.

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