Miami Drift Event June 26, 2010

Anyone can DRIFT in MIAMI


June 26, 2010 Drift Sessions

If you have a rear wheel drive car and Live right here in Miami then bring it over to County Line  Dragway and Drift the hell out of it. BEST PART its ONLY $25 Dollars. Countyline Dragway is located at the former Opa-locka West Airport, at the intersection of Krome Avenue and Okeechobee Road (U.S. 27), just south of the Miami-Dade/Broward county line in Northwest Miami-Dade.

Address: 19999 Okeechobee Road Miami, FL 33018

Here is the Official Guidelines/Tech Rules for Drifting your car.

Gates open: 6PM
Drifting starts: 7PM
Event ends: 11:30PM
Cost: $25 to Drift, $10 to Spectators, and $5 to Ride along

Tech requirements:

1. Battery properly secured and positive terminal covered (NO BELTS or TAPE).
2. Engine compartment free of loose items (air filter, hoses, wires, etc).
3. No fluid leaks or exposed wires.
4. Brake lights and headlights function properly (at least two red functioning brake lights).
5. Seats and seatbelts are properly secured and mounted.
7. Brake pads and rotors in good condition.
8. Wheels and wheel bearings are tight and road worthy.
9. Windshield is free of cracks which might obstruct the driver’s vision with at least 1 functioning driver-side windshield wiper.
10. Helmet is SNELL certified M95 or SA95 or newer and free of damage. NO BICYCLE HELMETS!!!!
11. No loose items in passenger compartment or trunk.
12. Roll bar in open cars is required.


1. Follow the Track Officials instructions
2. Drive slow in the pit area.
3. Don’t drift in the pit area.
4. Do not stop in the middle of the road in the pit area.
5. Park your car to the edge of the road when changing tires. Meaning your front tires on the grass and your rear tires on the road or vice-versa.
5. Maintain a single run line. Even if you’re going to tandem with someone.
6. Be ready to show me your wristband when lining up to run. Both driver and passenger.
7. Stop drifting after the shutoff cone.
8. If you fail to drift a turn properly, do not go back and attempt it again.
9. Don’t hit anyone or anything.
10. After the event is done, take all your items with you. Including your tires.

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  1. Thats, perfect I will bring my 240, I just got it done full interior new rims and tires, also got my Turbo set up just right. I cant wait to slide my car around, oh this is going to be sick. Do they have a tire changer at the event?

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