Chapter 08

Porsche Manga : My favorite Carrera

Chapter 08: Sexy, Models needs LOVE.

During a Steamy, Sexy Photo-shoot, the Top model and famous “Car Enthusiast” ¬†Yuri-chan becomes infatuated with our Hot Sexy chief magazine editor Reina-chan. Somehow they both end up taking a drive to a secluded waterfall were, the gorgeous model Yuri tries to seduce Reina into a lesbian steamy sexy, private photo-shoot.

Girl on Girl steamy sexy, private photo-shoot.


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3 comments on “Chapter 08
  1. Gracias, thanks man, glad you like it, yeah I don’t get a lot of comments on here, but its nice to see someone else also likes this comic book as much a I do I hope!

  2. yeah man i love it, I just wish there was an anime for kanajo no Carrera, coming out soon! Like Wangan Midnight or Initial D 4th stage

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