Autocross in Hialeah

2011 Autocross at Hialeah Park Racetrack

An autocross event is scheduled for April 17, 2011 at the Hialeah Race Track. It is a single car/driver event at any one time where the objective is to get through a set of small pylons simulating a small road course. The maximum speed achieved is just shy of 60 mph.

What better way to show off your tunning skills or yourt complete custom build, then by taking it to an Autocross event and beating everyone else’s time there. One thing is doing a drag race, its another thing to do a full road course. The latter takes more balls and skills. Its always easy to go in a straight line but a road course will push you and your machine to the limit.

The best part you get all of this for only $45.

Requirements : Your car must have a seatbelt and you must wear an SCCA approved helmet. Your car must be in good mechanical condition and pass a short tech inspection before practice starts. In Speedtrials, drivers running on race tires must have a 4 points harness and a race suit ( or long pants / long sleeve cotton ) and all first time drivers must attend a short school session to familiarize themselves with rules and procedures. This is usually held on the saturday afteroon following the Autocross.

For Registration go HERE

Registration closes on April 14, 2011 so hurry and register your ride today.

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  1. Can’t wait for the Autocross show!!!! Hoping to make it but in case I can’t go take good pictures!

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