Breaking into Motorsports

How to be a Race Car Driver

Motor sports is the one thing that is a lot more fun to participate in, then to watch. As cool as being at the track watching all the race cars run the course battling for position at the head of the pack.

Unlike popular belief that only the super rich or the just incredibly lucky few can participate in racing, anyone and I mean anyone with a car can do it.

First step, in your journey to the track is to decide what u want to do.For simplicity sake we will stick with just three categories that u can use almost any car u find at your local dealer.

Drag Racing:

Stock Car/Koni Challenge:


What is Drifting?

Drifting in it’s simplest form is the process of keeping a rear wheel drive car sliding at the biggest angle possible to the direction of travel for the duration of a defined course in a controlled manner. Drifting is often mistaken for ‘Powersliding’ or ‘Oversteer’, which is simply a cars rear wheels slipping or breaking traction through a corner controlled with throttle and opposite lock.

The major differences between Power slides or Oversteer and Drifting are that in Drifting the car should never straighten – even on straight parts of the track – so that corners are ‘linked’ together in the same smooth drift.  The driver is expected to keep the car sliding at all times using all the available course or track to achieve this but remain in full control the car using a combination of weight transfer, braking and power to provoke the car into a drift and keep it at a large slip angle for as long as possible.

Drifting originated from Japan back in the early 80′s, but the discipline has now spread worldwide, and is now the one of the worlds fastest growing sports.

What do I need to start Drifting?

You need a rear wheel drive car, preferably fitted with a limited slip differential or a welded differential. Those are the only ingredients you need to get started. Having a manual gearbox car, with a good working handbrake, coilover suspension and a supportive seat will make it much easier again. The next level is to make steering geometry changes to increase steering lock, fit strong clutches, and increase the cars engine power.

You can compensate not having a lot of power by increasing the pressure in the rear tyres. It is a myth that drift cars should run poor quality / gripless rear tyres to drift. Drift cars need as much lateral grip as a track car to attain the huge speeds and huge angles, hence why a lot of top level cars run cut slick track tyres. However, learning on cheap / used tyres is a perfectly normal and good way to learn throttle control.

Drag Racing

Out of all of these the easiest one to start in is Drag racing. It takes virtually no skill and has almost universal rules. Also it requires 0 modifications to participate in, this means you can go from the dealer or from your house right now and participate in a drag race event at your local track, for as little as 10 dollars.

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