BMW Z4 GT3 New Look

The BMW Z4 GT3 gets a new face lift. In the form of even bigger wing and nice flat color from factory. Making this V8 powered track monster true sex on wheels.

The awesome racing car launched last year has been modified ahead of the new season, mainly for aerodynamics. Part of the aerodynamics, don’t forget, includes that tiny rear wing. Probably need a bigger one, what you think?

Customer cars now get a new BMW Motorsport ECU too, though the drivetrain remains the same stonking 4.4-litre V8 (480bhp), fitted to a six-speed box driving the rear wheels.

The price, dear chum? £279,000 plus VAT. Anyway, not much has changed, but enough to peruse some nice shiny new pics. Once you’ve finished, check out below the video of this amazing car driving balls to the wall fast.

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