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cash-for-new-cars-miami  Help with recycling a vehicle that has outlived its usefulness is very beneficial to the environment as much as 95% of a vehicle can be recycled and reused.

The process is very thorough and carried out by experts of scrapping, which are responsible for the environmental management of vehicles entering the premises of the Authorized Treatment Center The steps are: On vehicle on site Before you go to collect your car with crane or having it enter the facility dismantling, always makes sure that there is no administrative obstacles to the vehicle to be decontaminated and recycled. If all the papers are in order, the vehicle is moved to the decontamination area. decontamination When the vehicle enters the decontamination area, you must first extract all the elements that present a risk to health and that are harmful to the environment. These elements are: fuel Motor oil Coolant, antifreeze, etc.

Gas air conditioning. When the above components are removed and others are deposited in specially authorized pending a company authorized the remove and manage according to law sites. decontamination vehicle Parts Recovery The next step in the recycling process is the recovery vehicle parts that are in good condition and therefore can continue to be used. All these parts are tested by expert mechanics, who make sure that the parts do not have any faults. Then the pieces are labeled, classified and stored to be offered for sale at very low prices. scrapping The remains of the vehicle (especially the body) are brought to the scrapping area.

Here the vehicle is converted into a cube with the aid of a so-called press machine. In this way, the car already become cube can be more easily transported to the shredder machine that will handle divided metals, plastics and glass to be recycled and used as raw materials for the creation of new objects.

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